Best Hair Cutting Scissors for Denver Stylists and Barbers

Sheila Mayer
Sheila Mayer, Sales Rep - Musashi Shears - Sayuri Shears - DIFIABA

Call Sheila Mayer for all your professional styling and texturizing scissor needs.  Sheila carries Musashi Shears, Sayuri Shears and the complete Difiaba Vegan Products line. 

(Phone) 303-875-0469  (email)

Gail & Regina Prentice
Gail & Regina Prentice - Authorized Diamond Rose Shears Representatives

Call Gail & Regina Prentice for all your scissors sharpening and new shear needs.  They utilize the patented Diamond Rose Shears Superior Sharpening System to return your scissors to factory new cutting precision.

(Phone) 970-630-1533  (Email)

For all your dry hair cutting and dry slide cutting needs!

Protect your health – protect your career with a Musashi Thumb Swivel!

Right and Left Handed Shears – 4.5 to 7.5 inches plus a full assortment of texturizers!